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By Putnam Examiner
Last updated: 01-NOV-2022 17:41:25

Fleming Gets Nod in Putnam Legislature Race

It’s not often that a Democrat wins an election in Putnam outside of the usual strongholds on the western side of the county. That didn’t stop Maureen Fleming from winning four terms as Kent supervisor as the only Democrat on that Town Board. Now Fleming returns to the political fray in running for the open seat in District 5 against Greg Ellner. The seat is being vacated by outgoing Legislator Carl Albano. Fleming’s straightforward approach and strong record in Kent, particularly on fiscal matters, should hopefully earn her some attention elsewhere in the district. She managed to offer residents eight consecutive budgets with no tax increases while also improving services. It is commendable that she is putting herself out there to bring a fresh voice to the county legislature and to rein in what she described as “out-of-control spending.” One thing is clear: she will not tow any party’s line. “We need people on the legislature who are more interested in serving the people rather than a political party,” Fleming told The Examiner. Ellner, a business executive and the Republican nominee, would also be a solid choice if he were to win next week’s election. His top issue is keeping Putnam affordable, which has been hard to accomplish. He promised to be accessible to his constituents, planning to hold monthly talks with the public. While Ellner appears to be capable, the edge goes to Fleming who has a proven track record in local government and who can work well with others of any political stripe. The county legislature would be well served by her presence.



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Elect Maureen Fleming to the Putnam County Legislature District 5. Maureen is running for the Putnam County Legislature in District 5 because the people of this County deserve better. They deserve someone who will listen to their concerns and look out for their interests.

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