As County Executive I will

I will review the County budget line by line, identify waste and cut it out. Money wasted is money that isn’t being used to the benefit of Putnam County taxpayers. I will reduce our exorbitant sales tax rate and bring patrons back from Danbury and Westchester to our Putnam businesses. I will explore smart development that protects our county’s character while reducing the property tax burden for homeowners. I will review suspect County partnerships and real estate holdings, including the Putnam County Golf Course, Tilly Foster Farm, and the leased Butterfield Senior Center. I will eliminate costly consultants for work that can and should be done by qualified County employees.

I will eliminate County positions that have been created for Odell cronies. I will insist on proper qualifications for all County positions, and ensure that we hire professionals credentialed in their fields. Under my leadership, County hiring will again be merit-based, not based on relationships or favors. I will offer County employees fair contracts and terms. I will stop the flow of public money into the private pockets of favored and connected developers and providers.

The County is in the business of public service, not real estate development and hospitality. I will refocus County government on the limited roles it is supposed to have, working hard to deliver quality infrastructure, health and human services and police protection. I will partner with our Towns to deliver County services efficiently, where they are needed—in our communities, not just in Carmel. And I will deliver for residents at every stage of life, from essential early childhood programs, to family support, to active lifestyle options that our seniors want. I will support and advance the good work the Sheriff’s Department is doing in community policing and addressing the opioid crisis at its source, addiction. I will pull our highway crews back from work on questionable real estate developments and deploy them on our roads, bridges and sewers, where they belong.

We live in Putnam County because we appreciate its natural beauty and the quality of our lives here. Our County’s resources and character are assets to protect and enhance. Odell still looks to the outdated, anonymous big-box model of development that doesn’t serve our local economy or our families. Chain retail and restaurants take profits out of our communities, and they don’t create the kind of high-quality, well-paying jobs that our families need. I will instead incentivize projects that incubate business in the low-impact tech sector. I will support and encourage locally-owned service and small retail sectors. As is happening nationwide, Putnam’s freelancers and telecommuters are growing in number. We need to serve the needs of workers who are in County during the week, as well as weekend shoppers and seasonal visitors. Local businesses serve everyone in Putnam, every day, and they keep our tax base strong.

Putnam is small—just about 100,000 people—but we have diverse ideas and views. We should be able to work together, even when we have differences of opinion. I will embrace Putnam’s diverse interests and serve our common needs. That means listening to a range of opinions and being open to the possibility there is value in what others have to offer. We need to identify our common goals and work toward them, together. We need to be a county defined by results, not by party. I look forward to earning the support of voters all across Putnam’s political spectrum, and to serving all of its residents and business owners.

I lead by Example.

My Record

0% Town tax increases since 2014

Added $1.4M to the Town’s general fund

Reduced debt service by 38%

Froze Supervisor’s salary at 2013 level for four years

Required competitive bids for all personal service contacts

Restored professional conduct of Town Board meetings

Required public comment before Board votes and eliminated time limits for speakers

With the Highway Superintendent,
rebuilt the aging Highway Department fleet.

Spearheaded the creation of an all-abilities playground in our Town Center

Help us Move Putnam County Forward!

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